Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wright Morris

Wright Morris, Dresser Drawer, Ed's Place, 1947

Wright Morris, Light Pole and Grain Elevator, Eastern Nebraska, 1947

Wright Morris was born January 6, 1910 and passed away April 25, 1998.  The Great Plains remains a subject that Mr. Morris is best known for depicting photographically.  I included the picture of "Light Pole and Grain Elevator" to give an example of this work.  He also had a way of arranging still lifes for pictures that remain quite interesting, like in "Dresser Drawer, Ed's Place".  The inner contents of someone's drawers can tell a lot about their life, just as I believe this picture is telling us a story of someone else's life.  I am more drawn to these still life/documentary type of photos more than his Great Plains photographs. 

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