Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pedro Meyer

                                                                   Rio De Janeiro

                                   Pedro Meyer, Viejo con billetes, 1985 Where Is The Money

Born in Madrid, Spain on October 6, 1935, Pedro Meyer is considered a pioneer in contemporary digital photography.  Some of his work appears to have been digitally redone or photoshopped, creating interesting surreal like images.  In "Rio De Janeiro" the lines created with the kites move the eye from the top left to the bottom right.  I can not quite tell if any of those kites were repeated digitally, or if they are all actually there.  (Therefore, the photoshopping was done successfully I suppose).  In "Where Is The Money" I think it's interesting how the man is in the foreground looking so upset while the woman is working in the background.  He looks like he has been added to this picture, and I believe it serves a purpose to look this way.  For example, the workroom is giving us one setting, while the man in the foreground is giving us a completely different idea to that setting.  He serves to show different sides of the story. 

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