Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Duane Michals

Damnation After Salvation

Things Are Queer

Duane Michals, born February 18, 1932, is a self taught photographer.  He enjoyed shooting people in their own environments, as to leave them as comfortable as possible.  He is also said to have addressed gay themes in his work, although he himself was not personally gay.  "Damnation After Salvation" I believe can speak to many people who feel somewhat oppressed by the church.  The man on the left side of the photograph is modeled in such a way to look upset, but feeling somewhat guilty while the preacher on the right side of him is grinding a cross into his head.  Michals probably portrayed a feeling many have but don't feel as if they can speak about it publicly in this photograph.  I also enjoy the photo-like-montage of "Things Are Queer".  The sequence of pictures keeps itself in an odd rotation, like a dream, while the objects are disproportionate.  This creates a sense of unbalance, and surrealism. 

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