Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul Outerbridge Jr.

Nude Standing at a Dressing Table, c. 1936

Paul Outerbridge was born August 15, 1896 and passed away October 17, 1958.  He is known for his color photography experimentation, as color photography was a new invention during his time.  He also did a large study of nudes, posing some in erotic positions that led to these photographs not being exhibited during his time.  It was not until after his death that they were to be seen by the public.  I am not necessarily impressed with the actual photos that I have chosen for him, but instead I am impressed at his advancement and challenge to create such photographs during his day in age.  I believe it becomes more artistic because of this, as it is taking a stand against the normal "rules" of society.  We would not view these photos as largely erotic today, but it was viewed as such during his lifetime.

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